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    I get this error only once in a while when I access this function<BR><BR><BR><BR>categoryWindow ="CategoryAssignment.asp", "Categories", <BR> &#039height=450,width=256,toolbar=0,location=0,dir ectories=0,status=1,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,menub ar=0,alwaysRaised=yes&#039);<BR> categoryWindow.focus();<BR><BR><BR>I think mabey it is tring to set the set the focus before the window is loaded???

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    Yes.<BR><BR>For help on this kind of problem, visit and look at their JavaScript FAQ.<BR><BR>Generally, what you should do is wait in the opener until the new window sends you back a message saying it is ready. Many questions/answers in that FAQ that should guide you through this.<BR><BR>

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