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    aurore Guest

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    Hi....<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me how to convert an excel spreadsheet into a database so that I can connect to it through ODBC?<BR><BR>Has anyone used Cystal reports by Seagates? Pls let me know if so...need some help from there...I want my updates in my database to be updated in the cystal reports automatically...<BR><BR>Thanks for your help...<BR><BR>aurore

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    Pedro Guest

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    I have used Crystal Web Server, and I am quite impressed with it as far as having dynamic reports on hand. However, I have some questions and suggestions for Seagate. One problem I have faced is that of being restricted to the size of pages that your printer supports. The way I see it is that this should not be important if you are publishing a report to be viewed on the web. If you have any questions regarding Crystal Web Server, feel free to e-mail me at pedro@webmail.co.za.

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