Response.Flush and MSIE 5.0

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Thread: Response.Flush and MSIE 5.0

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    Dean C Guest

    Default Response.Flush and MSIE 5.0

    In trying the day 7 examples for the Response.Flush (specifically listing 7.5), I found that MSIE does not display the "Flushed" bit until the page was finished. In other words the Flush has no real-time effect. Netscape did display as expected.<BR><BR>I wouls assume then that the MSIE client ALSO buffers the incoming page until completed. If this is the case, does anyone know how to Flush the MSIE buffer ?

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    Ed Guest

    Default RE: Response.Flush and MSIE 5.0

    Were you in a TABLE or something? I haven&#039t seen this behavior with IE 5. Show a short code example that you tested and illustrates your point... thanks

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    Dean C Guest

    Default RE: Response.Flush and MSIE 5.0

    Nope. No tables. Just the listing 7.5 as it appears on page 186.<BR><BR>

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