Cascading Deletes in SQL Server 7.0

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Thread: Cascading Deletes in SQL Server 7.0

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    Steve Blum Guest

    Default Cascading Deletes in SQL Server 7.0

    I read the question and answer written by Owen Cutajar regarding using a delete trigger to perform a cascading delete. I tried out his approach and received an error because of the foreign key constraint between the parent and child tables. From reading the SQL Server BOL, it looks like using a trigger to do a cascade delete will only work if you DO NOT use a foreign key constraint! Can anyone confirm or deny this? I find it hard to believe a database that is being targetted at large scale business applications would have a requirement that I either can do cascade deletes or I can have foreign key constraints, but not both!<BR><BR>In Oracle, of course, there are multiple options for dealing with this. There is an explicit Cascade Delete option. My last experience with Oracle was in 7.3, and at that time I think Cascade Delete was on or off for a whole database, but I think they may have moved this to the table level in version 8.x. Also, in Oracle, you can specify whether a delete trigger is to run before or after a delete, while in SQL Server it can only run after a delete. Writting a trigger to run before the delete gives the ability to delete the child records before the parent record is deleted.<BR><BR>Any observations or suggestions on how to proceed in SQL Server would be welcome.

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    Ben Timby Guest

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    Of course you can use both table constraints and update triggers, simply drop the constraints at the beginning of your procedure, delete the related records, and reinstate the constraints!

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    Default Unfortunately, that doesn't work

    When I use a Delete trigger on a table with foreign key constraints, the Delete statement fails before the trigger ever runs. SQL-Server only allows a Delete trigger to run after a delete has completed, unlike Oracle, which lets you specify Before Delete or After Delete.<BR><BR>I&#039ve been doing more reading and talking to a DBA, and both confirm that in SQL-Server, you can use triggers for Cascade Deletes OR you can have constraints, but not both.<BR><BR>One other alternative pointed out by the DBA is to write a delete stored procedure and in there do the delete on the child rows and then the delete on the parent row.

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