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    Does anyone know the size (or max size) of Session Variables. They are all variants, but how big can they get. I am trying to figure out how many sessions my server would handle. Any help is appreciated. <BR><BR>PLEASE email the response to if possible.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    I don&#039t think there are any upper limits on the size of session variables - you can fill the entire memory of your server if you want! Of course, your application will die...<BR><BR>However, if you are storing "non-agile" components in Session variables (like ADO objects, dictionaries or any components that use the Single-Threaded Apartment threading model) then you will cause thread locking issues that could limit the number of sessions to the number of ASP threads running (20 per processor by default).<BR><BR>My advice would be to use Session variables as sparingly as possible.<BR><BR>Dunc

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