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    &nbsp;<BR><BR>I am developing a number of web applications and am writing asp code and using a DB connection. This is used for logins/shopping cards etc. But i have built the DBs in Access. <BR><BR>The problem which is occurring when i was doing extensive testing was that when 2 (or more theoretically) people try to access the same page at the same time the error message<BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Egine error 80004005<BR>Could not use "; File already in use<BR><BR>appers on 1 persons computer - it seems only 1 person can access it just at that instance. The DB is locking itself seemly whilst 1 person is accessing it and booting the other out - instead of waiting to the first persons recordsets have finished being used.<BR><BR>Does this mean that access is the wrong kind of DB to be using or is there any way this problem can be solved without drastically having to rebuild or convert it.<BR><BR>Do the lock types in the ASP code have to change??<BR><BR>This is a major problem for me at the moment and would welcome any expert advice you could give.<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance<BR><BR>Gareth<BR><BR>garethdonnelly@hotmai

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    I haven&#039t used Access with ASP, only SQL-Server, but here is my guess. If you are using ADO to get to the data, and you are using a dynamic recordset (which may be the default, depending on how you are connecting), then any data it accesses will cause locks in the database. These will probably be table level locks, since I don&#039t think Access supports row level locking (I may be wrong about this, I&#039m not up to speed on Access 2000).<BR><BR>If this is the problem, fixing it won&#039t be simple. You&#039ll need to rewrite your application to update the database without using a dynamic recordset, such as using explicit SQL statements (Insert, Update, Delete), or calling parameterized queries. Do-able, but not simple. Another alternative would obviously be to use a DBMS that supports row level locks, such as SQL-Server 7.x, but that&#039s a major change also.<BR><BR>If someone knows more about Access with IIS, maybe they can be of more help.

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