After reading the articles by Brandon Monahan on XML, XSL etc I decided to download his example and try it as a means of getting started. I downloaded home_News.asp and home_News.xls. When I try to execute home_News.asp it hangs without displaying anything. That is, I get an hourglass and eventually an error message saying the server must be down, etc. By placing Response.Writes and commenting out this and that I was able to narrow it down to the xml.load("") as the operation that hangs.<BR> I do have I.E. Ver 5 on my server. Also I put the above URL into my browser and it did return raw XML data so that end was up. <BR> One other thing, I am reasonably sure that the set xsl = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM") didn&#039t work because if I comment out everything between it and the xsl = nothing, I get Object variable not set: &#039xsl&#039 at the xsl = nothing line.<BR><BR> Sounds like I am missing something. What?