I am simply attempting to print out a date of a football match in this format: Sun 01 Dec, but have been unable to come up with it using the inbuilt functions (formatdatetime etc.)<BR><BR>At the moment, I am having to workaround as follows. Is there a method I can use to acquire the desired format (ddd dd mm) in a tidier way?<BR><BR>tmpDayName = WeekDayName(Weekday(oRsMS("MatchDate")), False, vbSunday)<BR>tmpDayName = Left(tmpDayName,3)<BR>tmpDate = Day(oRsMS("MatchDate"))<BR>tmpMonthName = MonthName(Month(oRsMS("MatchDate").value),1)<BR><B R>datLastMatchDate = tmpDayName & " " & tmpDate & " " & tmpMonthName<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR>Gary