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    I am using the following code in the Body section of my HTML code. However, I cannot get both of them to work together. Only the First one works: <BR><BR>&#060;BODY OnLoad="ABC(0)"&#062; <BR><BR>&#060;BODY onLoad="XYZ()"&#062; <BR><BR><BR>How can I get the 2 to work together ? <BR><BR>nmretd.<BR>

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    You can only use the BODY tag once.<BR><BR>If you want 2 functions to run, you need either combine the functions or more likely call a 3rd function which simply runs the other 2. e.g.<BR><BR>&#060;BODY onLoad="function1()"&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;script&#06 2;<BR>Function1()<BR> REM Call your other 2 functions: <BR> ABC(0)<BR> xyz()<BR>End Function<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>Hth, Paul

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