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    Yog Guest

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    I want to upload certain files on my server from within my local machine. Now i wont be specifying the path while uploading. The path is stored in the database and i just have to pick those values that have a path against them and do an upload by running a script.<BR>Secondly there are 100 users on my site and each one has a folder has customer1 or customer2 and i want to upload this files to always a specific folder has say myfolder for every customer.The customers are at various locations and it is the customer themselves who have to execute the script.Something like "generate". How is this possible<BR><BR>How do i do this by running a script on my server.

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    jason Guest

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    sounds like you need to use an upload component like ASPUpload - using FSO and some user authentication to determine where the file gets saved to. a bit involved for a forum answer. <BR><BR>Or are you trying to store the uploaded file as a blob field?

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