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    farhan Shah Guest

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    How will i connect access database query to ASP ? I don&#039t have SQL server so i am bound to use paramterized query and am not sure why i am getting following error": <BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80040e51&#039 <BR><BR>The provider cannot derive parameter info and SetParameterInfo has not been called <BR><BR>HELP

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    Marie Guest

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    Have you set up the DSN for your database. Then add in the DSN command in the database?<BR>Maybe you can show a simple statements of wat you have wrote in the asp file.<BR><BR>Note: Setting up of DSN =>Control Panal=> Network => ODBC => System DSN => Add => Select "Microsoft Access Driver" => Finish => Enter DSN(Data Source Name) and select your database. <BR>Your DSN is done.<BR><BR>You must add the DSN statement in your asp file.<BR><BR>Hope this will help.

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