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    sirishagulla Guest

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    I tried writing code for sending attachments using cdonts.but it says "object does not support this method".it does not return an error when i try sending an attachment saved in root directory.i&#039m developing a site with email facuilities for my company.i should provide something to send attachments?how do i do this.please help.

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    jason Guest

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    can you give us details of how you&#039re trying to do it? it works in root but not outside, therefore somethig id wrong with the method, so we need to see it.

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    Sandeep.R Guest

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    Hey man, the Probable mistake what you have done is used AttachFile methord with in the Parenthisis ie., (), then you have to use the Call methord.<BR><BR>I have a code written, might be this is helpful to you.<BR><BR>Bye<BR>Sandeep.r<BR>Dim NewMailObj<BR>set NewMailObj = Server.CreateObject ("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>NewMailObj.From = ""<BR>NewMailObj.To = ""<BR>NewMailObj.Subject = "Something"<BR>NewMailObj.Importance = lngImportance &#039 Creates an Important as high<BR>NewMailObj.Body = "This is a Test Mail for the Mailing of the Scheduled Reports using CDONTS"<BR>call NewMailObj.AttachFile(Session("ExportFileName"),"R eport.Xls")<BR>&#039Session("ExportObject") has the Path <BR>NewMailObj.Send

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    sunder Guest

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    First you may have to upload the file from the client machine to your web server using some is posting accepter from microsoft.then do attachment

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