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    DBorland Guest

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    What&#039s the best way to simulate modal forms?<BR><BR>I&#039m creating an application that has four different data input screens. There is a main screen which allow the user to bring up the saving screen and the action screen. The action screen allows users to bring up the revision screen. As the users save data on the "children" screens, it is saved to arrays until the user clicks the save button on the main screen at which point the Oracle database is updated.<BR><BR>I&#039ve got the forms created and everything works but I want to force the user to close/save the children screens (also keeping the children screens on top, would stop the user from getting confused by the multiple windows) before they can get back to the main screen. Is there anyway to do this on the web? I&#039ve looked at the showmodaldialog command but the command just appears to work for one window, and will not allow me to open up another modal dialog window.<BR><BR>The application is being written targeting Internet Explorer 4 and 5.<BR><BR>Thanks for any insight anyone can provide. David

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    jason Guest

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    in the body tag of the page you wish to make modal<BR><BR>onblur="self.focus();"<BR><BR>this will allow one modal dialog at a time. by definition, modal windows can only be one at a time. anyway, isn&#039t there a better way to achieve your aims than multiple pop-ups?<BR><BR>jason

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    DBorland Guest

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    Thanks.<BR><BR>There probably are better ways than to have multiple pop-ups. That is the way the old version of the app (VB 3.0) performs, and I&#039m trying to duplicate that. Since the child windows are smaller than the parent, they don&#039t totally block out the parent.<BR><BR>Probably a stupid question, but when the you goes to close the modal window with onblur="self.focus();", will not that stop them from closing the form? Or do we have to reset the onblur command (if so how is that done?)? David

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