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    If I distribute an app containing COMs, then create a new version, will I need clients to re-register the new COMs? will they need to use regedit? Will they need to restart their servers to do this?<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Ruaa

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    The Question is notthat Clear.<BR>If U have changed any Bussiness Logic then U need to Unregister the Old one and Register the New Component.If U modified the Front end of the Appication with out Disturbing the COM object it is not Necessary to register the Component.Never use Regedit.U shuld always use regsvr32.exefor registration and regsvr32.exe/u for Unregistartion

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    To add some more insight...<BR>You will not have to reboot the server when registering the server - also, I have not had to unregister any of my dll&#039s, and I am currently not experiencing any problems (what is your reason for unregistering your components first?) - If I have only changed logic and not added or removed and module classes I have not needed to re-register my components - I have only had to re-register the component when I have added or removed a module class - in IIS 4.0 and 5.0 you will need to unload the web application from memory to copy your new component to the server as IIS lock up the dll<BR><BR>bart

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