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    Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I am currently working on a message board project, something that is very similar to this forum. I already have some ASP programming experience under my belt, not a real expert yet, but enough to have a rough idea on how I am going to approach this beast. The data will be stored in an Access database.<BR><BR>The question I have right now is how would the program maintain the message threads? In order words, how does one keep track of which messages are responses to which? I had played with a few ideas, but still can&#039t come up with a workable. I&#039d really appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>John

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    Hi, u need to keep track of the parent. For example, you MessageID is 6216 and mine is 6217. In 6217, there need to have a field,e.g. ParentID to store 6216.<BR><BR>Then u can use recursion to print out all the messages.

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