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    I&#039ve got a menu in JavaScript. When you click on the menu item it sends the selected page to the desired frame. How can I first select a radio button (from the same ASP as the menu) to specify an option (eg &#039Show me last 12 hours) AND carry it forward when the menu item is clicked.<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Truly, you should go look at and the JavaScript FAQ that is there. This really has zero to do with ASP.<BR><BR>But a couple of quicky answers:<BR><BR>(1) You can actually submit a form to another window (specify TARGET in the &#060;FORM...&#062; field), so if the radio button is in the form that thus gets submitted...<BR><BR>(2) From the new window, you can "look back" into the window that did the opening and grab the value of the radio button in JS code. (See for the many, many ways to do this.)<BR><BR>

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