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    I keep getting the error stating [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Operation must use an updatable query and all the resources I&#039ve seen haven&#039t been much help in figuring out where the problem is. The code is placed on the following two pages. I want this to work and I&#039ve been staring at it for an eternity<BR><BR><BR><BR>The other tables that go with the database pull up fine. However, I don&#039t have to insert data into any of them.

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    SPG Guest

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    Do you have write permission to the database?<BR><BR>&#060;rant&#062;<BR>Bloody silly error -- I actually had somebody file a bug against me on this because they didn&#039t properly install the database on their system from VSS... Almost the simplest bug to clear (right after PEBKAC cut and paste bug).<BR>&#060;/rant&#062;

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    MRamsey Guest

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    My instructor is looking into it too because it just doesn&#039t seem to make sense. If someone could look at my code just to see if there&#039s anything there that could cause a problem I would appreiciate it

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    You need to have write permissions on the folder that the database is in

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