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    I keep getting the error stating [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Operation must use an updatable query and all the resources I&#039ve seen haven&#039t been much help in figuring out where the problem is. The code looks as follows<BR><BR>http://ct264.dwc.edu/spring2000/mramsey/webserve/output.htm<BR>http://ct264.dwc.edu/spring2000/mramsey/webserve/employeeoutput.htm<BR><BR>The other tables that go with the database pull up fine. However, I don&#039t have to insert data into any of them.

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    What is your full code?

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    The full code is included in that URL as a Homesite Printout. The Employee Log page and timecard portions are as far as code goes. The only other portion is the database which I&#039m trying to figure out why it won&#039t let me update.

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