HI,<BR><BR>My main (so the right page) page is a login screen, wich display the login fields if the session variable "userid" is blank. if it is not the main page shows the intranet logo and some address information. On the left I have a navigation bar with some links on it. This page also checks for the session variable "userid", if it is blank it only shows the home and login link otherwise it show the links the user is allowed to see.<BR><BR>but after the user kliks on the login button on the main page I do a response.redirect(main.asp) and the main page refreshes and shows the correct info. But now I like to refresh the left side as well since it needs to show the links that I am entitled to.. If I refresh it manually with the right button on the frame and refresh it shows the content ok... hope this shows my problem a bit...<BR><BR>Phreakazoid