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    For Stateless ASP pages we can not use Application and Session variables.<BR>Is it true?<BR>And if it is so, what advantage we get for making Stateless pages instead of pages that hold state information????????????<BR><BR>Bilal

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    There is a hefty performance hit for maintaining Sessions, because IIS needs to assign and track Session IDs for each user, maintain session state in a different thread, marshal that data between threads, and so on (and on, and on). Plus all requests from a single Session are serialized, so each frame/page/graphic gets downloaded one at a time. Also, if you store non-agile components (ADO objects, etc) in Application or Session scope you lock your session to a single thread.<BR><BR>Session variables have their place, but be very careful with them - if you can avoid them do so. Application variables aren&#039t too bad as long as your careful about what you keep in there.<BR><BR>Dunc

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