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    lixiz Guest

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    I have a recordset which will return several values.<BR><BR>How do I append these values row by row to a textarea?<BR>ie:<BR>value1<BR>value2<BR>value3<BR> <BR>Thanks

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    while not your recordset.eof<BR>yourvariable = yourvariable & recordset("value")<BR>recordset.movenext<BR>wend<B R><BR>&#060;textarea&#062;&#060;%= yourvariable%&#062;&#060;/textarea&#062;

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    Fion Guest

    Default What I meant was..

    to have a break ...go to next line in between my values in the textArea..<BR><BR>Pls help

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    Use the vbNewLine key word<BR>like:<BR><BR>response.write(rs("variableNa me") & vbNewLine)

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