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    Consider a site say for example say ; as soon as the username & password of a user is verified, he is displayed his Inbox, which COULD BE an ASP page.<BR>Now if I directly type in this URL (i.e. of the Inbox Page) in the address bar of my browser , i dont get to see my Inbox.<BR>I would like to know, how this is done? If possible give me a code snippet.<BR>

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    Upon entering the mail box page, i would imagine certain validation processes are executed such as checking the URL from which the user has come from. Or, checking the value of a particular variable (possibly passed through the QueryString.<BR><BR>A basic way of validating would be to say that if a variable hasn&#039t had a value assigned to it then redirect the page...<BR><BR>if strVar = "" then<BR> Response.Redirect("")<BR>else<BR> ....<BR>end if<BR>

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