Hello,<BR><BR>I know this is not the right message board for this question, but I couldn&#039t find a better one.<BR><BR>Can someone tell me what I need to deploy a Visual InterDev Application on a server without InterDev. I&#039m developing an application in InterDev and I don&#039t want my customer to buy a license voor VI just to use my app.<BR>I know I need Windows NT, NT Option Pack, SQL Server (the application is build in SQL) and then??<BR><BR>I know there is an application called "Visual InterDev Server" but it&#039s bundled with VI. Do I need it? Is there a license to be paid or is this a free component?.<BR>I&#039ve been searching on the MS site and various ASP dedicated sites, but I can&#039t find any info.<BR><BR>Anybody any tips??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Imar