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    Hello -<BR><BR>Could anyone tell me why this code works fine with IE and not at all with any version of Netscape? The image does appear on the page, but the ONCLICK event does not work. Thanks.<BR><BR>Response.Write "&#060;img src=""images/next.gif""<BR>ONCLICK=""document.location.href=&#0 39preview_simple.asp?number=" &<BR>Server.URLEncode(intNumber) & "&abstract=" & Server.URLEncode(strAbstract) &<BR>"&curpage=" & curpage + 1 & "&#039;""&#062;"<BR><BR>

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    Location is a subclass of window, not document<BR><BR>try window.location.href<BR><BR>typing javascript: into netscape&#039s location bar would have told you that<BR><BR>jason

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