whats wrong with my code?

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Thread: whats wrong with my code?

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    Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>sql = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};"<BR>sql = sql & "DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("tables/fo.mdb") & ";"<BR>Conn.Open(sql)<BR><BR>sql2 = "CREATE TABLE strcustr (cust_code char(7), bridge_code char(6)), bus_name char(30), taxable char(6), contact char(20), phone char(20), fax_phone char(20), address1 char(30), address2 char(30), city char(20), state char(4), zip char(10)," <BR>sql2 = sql2 & "country char(20), ar_type char(1), preferred char(1), frequent char(1), stmt_cycle integer, fin_chg char(1), credit_limit decimal(4,2), order_limit decimal(4,2), terms_code char(6), act_grp char(6), ar_acct_dflt integer,"<BR>sql2 = sql2 & "ar_department_dflt integer, stmt_date date, stmt_amount decimal(4,2), acct_bal decimal(4,2), obtained_date date, last_order_date date, last_pay_date date, inactive_date date, on_acct_amt decimal(4,2), arch_bal decimal(4,2),"<BR>sql2 = sql2 & "sls_psn_code char(6), trd_ds_code char(6), st_tx_code char(6), co_tx_code char(6), ci_tx_code char(6), comm_code char(6), pay_method char(6), card_no char(20), exp_date char(5), card_holder char(20), cc_method char(6), mtax_fc char(6),"<BR>sql2 = sql2 & "currency_code char(3), address3 char(30), pt_num char(12), pt_prefix char(5), pt_first char(15), pt id char(1), pt_last char(20), pt_bdate date, pt_age integer, pt_sex char(2), pt_socsec char(9), pt_wphone char(13), pt_office char(10),"<BR>sql2 = sql2 & "pt_comment char(50), pt_irep char(8), pt_fu_date date, pt_sma char(8), pt_sfu date, pt_dnc char(5), pt_mail char(5), pt_revenue integer, pt_lead char(12), update_pat date, uptime_pat integer, locked_pat char(8), mtax_freight char(6), mtax_misc char(6), sma_code char(4), pt_fu_reason char(10), pt_ltype char(10), org_loc_code char(2), pt_comm1 char(65), pat_idate date, pat_cdate date, pat_ceid integer, pat_pdate date, pat_peid integer, pat_irep char(8), pat_crep char(8), pat_prep char(8), e_mail char(50), email2 char(50), occupation char(30))" <BR>Conn.execute(sql2)

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    You&#039ll have to be more specific with your question. Are you getting an error message? If so, what is it? Does it reference a specific line #? etc.

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