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    I&#039m trying to write my own true thread forum i.e like this one!<BR>adding records etc is not a probelem it is the displaying of the threads in the right order - I am trying to use a recurssive loop at the moment to loop through the replies to each thread and get them in the right order - it is giving me quite bad brainache though - does anyone know of any sample code or could anyone supply any tips ?<BR><BR>thanx <BR>;)

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    don&#039t do it!<BR>(I&#039m 1/2 way through mine and it&#039s simply gonna kill ya!)<BR> (a.k.a CoolMB)<BR><BR>for a recursive loop example - you&#039ll find that content will help you understand how recursion works.<BR><BR>But believe me, there&#039s an aweful lot of undocumented systems and scripts that you&#039ll need to develop to run in parallel. The recusion script is the tip of the iceberg - good luck.<BR><BR>tell me when you get stuck with spellchecking/grammar and languages!

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