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Thread: DATE FORMAT ......please help!!!

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    I&#039m just trying to use the date format. When I populate my date fields I get what I put in 01/01/01 or I get 01/01/2001. I just want to get 01/01/2001. What is the format for this?? Also can I let the user put in / or - 01/01/2001 or 01-01-2001? Thanks for the help..

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    you can allow your user to input the respective fields for day,month and year<BR>use variables to contain the values:<BR>strDay,strMth,strYr<BR><BR>strDate will contain the full string in the format you require,<BR>strDate = Day(strDay) & "/" & Month(strMth) & "/" & Year(strYr) <BR><BR>Just the change the "/" to "-" when required<BR><BR>Hope that&#039s what you mean

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