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    How can I get the properties to a particular object of a dll? I have an object "myImage" but don&#039t know what properties are associated with it because it is in a dll. Is there a way to list possible property names?

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    If you have any of the MS development tools, you can use the "OLE/COM Object Viewer".<BR><BR>If your DLL is properly registered as an ActiveX automation server, then you should be able to find it under "Automation Objects" in the list of categories that appears.<BR><BR>Find your "object" and double click on it. Then right click on its name. If you see "View Type Information" available in the right-click menu, choose it. If you don&#039t, then look at the list of interfaces for the object. Likely one of them is the interface you care about. Double-click on it (or right-click and then hit "View") and its interface name and GUID should appear along with a button labeled "View Type Info" which you should click on. In either case, the View Type Info[rmation} window will give you a list of all the methods, properties, etc., etc., that *should* be sufficient to allow you to try scripting the object from VBScript.<BR><BR>Good luck.<BR><BR>

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