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    I&#039m trying to use Response.Redirect("http:username:password@server/path/yadda yadda") to run & display a report on an Actuate server. If I type the full url (with username:password@), it successfully passed the logon information to the Actuate server and it generates a report..BUT if I use Response.Redirect to go to the url from an asp page, the Actuate server still prompts for a username and password as if it didn&#039t see the username:password sent with the url. I&#039ve also used the Javascript location.href function with the same result. Both functions mentioned above send requests to the browser to navigate, so I would think it would be just like typing in a url and hitting enter. What is the difference between typing the full url into the browser and using the asp functions mentioned above to send a url with username and password to a remote server? Is there a way to properly send a username & password along with a url to a remote server from an asp page?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Brad<BR>bfranklin@metl

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    I wish I could help and can&#039t wait to see the answer. I&#039m pretty sure you can; I&#039ve read or seen this before. I&#039m going to do a little research on it. Good Luck.

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