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    Trying to create an inventory system using ASP and SQL Database. I have already created multiple tables, but I do not know how to link these tables together to finally compile the infromation into one table that will then shoot an inventory number. The tables consist of various parts and components of computers. I have each table creating identiy numbers for the individual manufacturers, parts, ect..

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    &#060;flame:restrained&#062;<BR>This is NOT databases 101! If you don&#039t know how to do this then how on earth did you go about designing the database? Without a *rudimentary* knowledge of database theory and practice, how do you hope to get it working? I mean, if you can&#039t do the data bit, how can you hope to write a data-driven web app?<BR><BR>Crawl before you walk, walk before you run... then come back and ask questions...<BR>&#060;/flame:restrained&#062;<BR><BR>Sorry <BR><BR>Dunc

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