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    Nanjar Budiman Guest

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    dear all,<BR>can you tell me any book to handle problem differences between Internet Explorer vs Netscape browser<BR><BR>thank&#039s

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    gzazJim Guest

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    Most of the better books available (Wrox, O&#039Reilly, Peachpit Press, etc) should be able to tell you what scripts work with what browsers. <BR><BR>In general, I&#039ve found that the books by both Wrox and Peachpit (especially the "Visual Quickstart Guides" by Peachpit) have been good starting points for the basic data-handling differences between the two major browsers. <BR><BR>The O&#039Reilly books, while usually providing excellent technical information, do tend to be tough reads - especially for relatively new programmers, or for people unfamiliar with the language being discussed.<BR><BR>Hopefully this will give you a start towards the information you&#039re searching for.<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR><BR>Jim<BR>

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    jason Guest

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    this is a components forum.

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