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    Is it possible to call a Javascript function in another page? For instance, I have a button on one frame that calls a function in another frame to trigger some changes in that frame. <BR>The only other solution I can think of is to get the first frame to write a cookie that the second frame periodically checks for as a kind of crude event and handler.

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    I had this very same problem a few days ago and it took me 2 whole days to solve it!<BR><BR>Both Jason and BillW have posted such a solution for calling an external page function, though I wasn&#039t able to implement it in the way I wanted so gave up with that and stuck to my own solution which is not documented.<BR><BR>when I know it&#039s fully secure and tested<BR> - I&#039ll submit an article to 4Guys

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    why not just declare your exteranl asp file as an in the page you want to call it from include file ??

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