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    I know this is a forum for ASP but I am hoping someone can help out. <BR>How do I view newsgroups using my browser? For example if I wanted to view ( on my browser. This is what I have tried using on ie5 on win98 and ie4 on NT. In the url field I type ( news: ) On my NT browser it just locks up, weird. And on the ie5 it gives me a error message. I know my news server is configured ok it works with outlook. <BR><BR>Anyway can anyone out there tell me how to view newsgroups using my browser, <BR>Thanks, Rick<BR>

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    can&#039t do it directly. you can go to places that offer translation from NNTP to HTTP, so it&#039d look like this message board. if you want to write one yourself, i recommend perl or PHP. I thinki deja news offer an in-browser service, probably.<BR><BR>the crux of it is the different protocol used in the transfer of information (HyperText Transfer Protocol or FileTransfer Protocol for browsers, Network News Transport Protocol for news readers)<BR><BR>jason<BR><BR>HTTP://

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