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    I know it&#039s simple but ... How can I create a button and link it to other documents (on the same frame) when clicked, without having to open another document window (on different frame)? <BR>Your suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Are you sure this is an ASP question? It sounds like just plain ol&#039 HTML or JavaScript to me.<BR><BR>Anyway, to get to your question. Do you actually want a real button? Or will a hyperlink do? Basically, using JavaScript you can have a link (or button) load a new document for any frame/window you want. There are several ways to do this, including one using just HTML (I think), but JavaScript may pose to be the simplest. Do something like this:<BR><BR>&lt;input type=button value="Click me" onClick="parent.whichdocument.document.location = &#039whatever.asp&#039;"&gt;<BR><BR>"whichdocument " refers to the name given to the document in the frameset. If you want to reload the document that has this particular button in it, you may leave out the "parent.whichdocument" stuff. Have fun!

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