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    Dear All,<BR>I have installed IIS4.0 on my machine but it seems it is not working now, some time back though it was working. WHen i go to the management console, it gives an error saying"error saying unble to administer the web service cas&#039 the following error occured:-reached theend of file, but then i restarted the computer and also reinstalled the IIS(it gave no. of errors during reinstallation) now it is giving new error saying:-the data is invalid!!!!<BR><BR>please help asap<BR><BR>regards,<BR>Gagan

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    Like most NT 4.0 server software the precise order in which you install applications and service packs makes all the difference. At this stage I&#039d probably want to reformat the system partition, reinstall NT, service pack it up to SP3, install IIS and then service pack it right up to SP 5 (or is it 6 now?)<BR><BR>It&#039s a while since I&#039ve done it, so the order might not be quite right... Oh, and once it&#039s stable *don&#039t* install *anything* else unless you *absolutely* have to, and if you must - do a full backup first!<BR><BR>Dunc

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