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    Mark Guest

    Default Form to Email <> Win2000 - CDO<BR><BR> I am needing a solution for a very simple webbased form to email. This will be on Windows NT2000 server with CDONTS and ActivePERL installed. The above link seems to be a good choice. I can get the form to function but it send out no email message..? I checked the SMTP Services and it is running. I simply copied and pasted as they show it. I don&#039t know what I&#039m doing wrong that this won&#039t work?<BR><BR>Thanks..!<BR><BR>Mark

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    jason Guest

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    If i were you, i&#039d install JMail, which is free and use that instead - it seems more reliable from my experience<BR><BR>tutorial here : <BR><BR><BR><BR>jason

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