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    cal Guest

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    hello, <BR><BR>i am VERY new to the idea of ASP... though ive been programming on teh web for a while. Ive made a database, and a form/and processing script to add new records, but how do i do an update record??<BR><BR>thanks<BR>cal

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    Karl Guest

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    You are probably asking a very big question, and my first instinct is to refer you to<BR>which is just one of many internet resources you&#039ll be able to find on this.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if you know how to open a connection to your database, have any SQL knowledge, if you are just looking for the Insert/Update strings. Generally I&#039d just answer:<BR><BR>rs = conn.execute("INSERT INTO table (colname1, colname2,colname3...) values (value1, value2, value3...)") <BR><BR>with the option "WHERE colname = value"<BR><BR>but I&#039m afraid you might be looknig for a lot more than that.<BR>either way, hope I helped<BR><BR>--<BR>Karl

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    cal Guest

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    i aplogize for not being more specific... i know how to open connection, etc etc. What i am looking for is how to change specific fields in a database from a form online.<BR><BR>so basically using standard form to update fields instead of create. I have already made my asp pages to create the fields, and am assuming whatever it takes to update is only different in the lines of code from the processing page (i have 2 asp documents, one that is just an HTML document that contains hte form, and another that processes the form and sends it to the database)<BR><BR>hopefully that is a little more clear... ive already looked at the 4guysfromrolla site pages on it before, and didnt really catch on to this from it, though i think that site is a great resource. <BR><BR>thanks<BR>Cal Shadden

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    Go to my site at and there is a databse example pge with examples for inserts edits deletes and selects.<BR><BR>Have fun

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    RainLord Guest

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    Hi !<BR><BR>If you want to use the same asp/form be sure to send and check the querystring for the different insert/update routine<BR><BR>rs = conn.execute("UPDATE table SET colname1=value1, colname2=value2,colname3=value3,...) WHERE colnameX=valueX")<BR><BR>remember : values are strings, be sure to colnameY = &#039valueY&#039<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR>

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    cal Guest

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    thanks steve and rainlord for the help, i think i have it figured out now ;)

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