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    Karl Guest

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    I don&#039t know...<BR><BR>"Because geeks never truly stop geeking, they just do it at different degrees."<BR><BR>Sometimes I find myself taking a step back and looking at ASP through my pascal/C++/smalltalk eyes. Typically this happens after my most frequently visited error:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039 800a03f9&#039 <BR><BR>Expected &#039Then&#039 <BR><BR>SomePath, line ALine<BR><BR>if AnExpression<BR>---------------------^<BR><BR>What I see is at times pleasant, at times frustrating. If you are following me up to now you&#039ve probably thought to yourself that I&#039m not being fair. Oranges and apples just don&#039t mix (peer presure and all). And perhaps if I were smarter I&#039d leave it at that...perhaps. There are some unavoidable truths though...some small, some nothing more than a geeks rant, and others really really annoying.<BR><BR>I wouldn&#039t consider the VB/VBScrpit syntax a cause for frustration or for smiles. Let&#039s face it, programming syntax tends to be the major hurdle in learning a new language. Having said that, I never liked writing C++ algorithms/pseudo-code until I started programming in VB (&#060;-- I&#039d explain what I mean by that, but if even only 1 person understands, i&#039m glad I avoided being redundant).<BR><BR>I&#039d consider ASP&#039s debugging to be a serious problem. Microsoft, which had impressed me so with MSVC++ 6.0&#039s debugger, really has to get it&#039s act together for the next major version of ASP. I&#039m not asking to see a memory block segment...but let me see my querystring and form collection..maybe even let me step through/over. I&#039m sure the bundle lords can figure out the joining of IE/IIS/Debugger.<BR><BR>Declerations UGH! I&#039ve seen compaq proliant servers come to a crawl. I&#039ve often wondered how much of it was caused by the variant type. The fact that you can implicitly declare variables is one thing, the fact that if you explicitly declare them you only have the choice of 1 type is another. I won&#039t deny that the variant type has its advantages...but I&#039ve spent a many sleepless night wondering what kinda memory allocation through a union (or whatever) was at work and how much bits my short unsigned int was really taking...I shudder at the thought.<BR><BR>We want block comments! (unless it&#039s already possible and I don&#039t know about it?)<BR><BR>\" would be nice too.<BR><BR><BR>I had a lot more to say..I wanted to say what it is I like about ASP..but I&#039m tired and I don&#039t rant as well when I&#039m tired...<BR><BR>--<BR>Karl<BR>

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    jason Guest

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    Have you considered using JScript?<BR><BR>as a c++ person you&#039d be a lot more comfortable with it, since a lot of it&#039s structure is C++/java based (with restrictions admittedly, like a lack of true multidimensional arrays, FILO/FIFO blah blah blah, etc,etc, but it can be object oriented if you want it to be, and it does have a slightly more prestigious look on an ASP job application if you can say you&#039re comfortable coding asp in VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, Python, whatever. <BR><BR>It&#039s something i struggled with for a while, but now i shrug it off, and use whatever is most comfortable to use, which is usually VBScript, because it&#039s quick and brainless, but is quite often JScript, occassionally perlscript, and rarely but interestingly python.<BR><BR>jason<BR>http://infinitemonkeys.atrax.co.uk

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