Hi there,<BR><BR>I&#039m creating a flash movie which enables one to enter a search term and then be presented with a list of appropriate records. Naturally, the records come from a database and through an ASP page.<BR><BR>Let&#039s say that I want to return 10 records at a time. Surely, after those 10 records have been sent to the Flash movie, the ASP page dies taking with it the recordset. Now, how do I get the next 10 records?<BR><BR>Surely, I have to do the database search again but somehow tell the curser to move to n * 10 records in ( where n is the number of pages of records starting from 0 already viewed! ). <BR><BR>I suppose I could have a loop which contains the statement -MoveNext - or maybe I could use a scrollable curser and just - Move - n*10 records in and then start reading the records off.<BR><BR>O.K, so before I loose everybody here, my question basically boils down to can I leave the record set on the server with a curser at a particular poistion or does the connection/search have to be redone?<BR><BR>Thanks, Ian.