okay i have this link in my page :<BR>&#060;a href="http://localhost/mp3/&#060;%=rs("Direct")%&#062;&#060;%=rsmp3(strsearch )%&#062;.mp3" onclick="alert(&#039Please Insert The CD.&#039)"&#062;<BR>&#060;%= rsmp3(strsearch)%&#062;<BR>&#060;/a&#062;<BR>and simply it loops through the records until EOF.<BR>the purpose of the page is to displaying/link "tracks" from cd&#039s (very much like cdnow.com) i tryed the MEMO field but couldn&#039t get it to work correctly in SQL :((btw i&#039m using an ACCESS 2000 database)<BR>so i decided to make 2 tables one : Disc01 and the new 2nd one : Tracks (set out with the albumname as the heading and tracks as records)in Disc01 i have fields under the heading of Direct (in here i put the headings of the Tracks table) . Which as you can tell when the person click a track it&#039ll use this to find the location of the files. When i click a track from the album JaggedLittlePill (from the tracks recordset- rsmp3)instead of being /jaggedlittlepill/ it the first record of the other table disc01-rs "NoLimits" is there anyway i can make the 2 table work together??<BR>Thank you in advance<BR><BR><BR>Mark