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    fl1rt Guest

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    is it possible to call a javascript function from a main window to a child &#124 popup window where the function is stored and return the result to the main window?<BR><BR>communicating the other way around should be easy enough with the window.opener command<BR><BR>eg:<BR>main.asp.....<BR>&#060;img src="whatever.gif" onClick="javascript:window.popup.cMB_Button()" height=18 width=18 alt="" border=0&#062;<BR><BR>where clicking the image would call the function "cMB_Button()" in the separate pop-up window.<BR> <BR>any takers ? or is this impossible?

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    jason Guest

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    when you open the new window, give it a reference, eg<BR><BR>mynewin = you need to access this variable from outside the function that opens the window, make sure your variable scope is global (more info - aticle name &#039writing killer code&#039)<BR><BR>this allows you to access the new window with mynewwin.function(), as if you were accessing any other function <BR><BR>jason<BR>infinitemonkeys

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    fl1rt Guest

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    thanks for that.<BR>I had solved my problem by using the querystring to pass info into the popup and post back with the window.opener function

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