Anyone else having this problem with IIS 5.0?

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Thread: Anyone else having this problem with IIS 5.0?

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    Default Anyone else having this problem with IIS 5.0?

    I have just started using IIS 5.0 and I have noticed a very big problem. I have tried everything that I can think of to solve the problem but it is still not working properly. I even had someone on try to assist me with the problem and he duplicated my problem. The thing is that with a file called index.shtml in my root directory, when you go to the web site it asks for the windows authentication (username/password dialog box). I have the web server set to allow anonymos access and I have index.shtml as a default document. I have tried all of the different settings and I still can&#039t get it to work. If I change the file to index.asp it works fine. Is this just a glitch in IIS 5.0? Has anyone heard of this? Please help. I would just use index.asp but this is going to be a web hosting machine that not only I use. People may want to use shtml and I have no control over that.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>--Eric

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    I tried placing an shtml file as a default document in a virtual directory in IIS 5.0 and it asked me for my NT logon - this is obviously a problem with IIS 5.0 that Microsoft should be notified about - but until there&#039s a fix you can simply create a file named whatever.asp whose contents are:<BR><BR>&#060;%Response.Redirect "index.shtml"%&#062;<BR><BR>and then place whatever.asp as a default document<BR><BR>let us know what you end up doing<BR>

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