I have several web sites running on W2k and IIS5 using ASP to access databases. The database server is Sybase ASA 7.0. I have one site that when you go to a page that does a CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet") and Open on it the browser gets an Internal Error 500 error.<BR><BR>This site used to be running on NT4 Sybase SQLA 5.5.04 and was working fine. Then I moved all the sites over to a new w2k machine and got this internal error. Because of that I upgraded to ASA 7.0 to see if that would fix the problem and it DID fix the problem.<BR><BR>Now all of a sudden I am getting the error again and nothing that I can think of has changed.<BR><BR>The other sites use ASP and the same code to access data in similar databases running in the same ASA space (ei server instance) as this one and they all work fine.<BR><BR>The only difference between the sites that work and this one is that this one uses JavaScript in the asp files and the others that work use VBScript.<BR><BR>Thanks, Tony