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    I&#039m trying to find some sort of code that allows pages on ie to appear on netscape the same way. I have a page that list down my clients and I use ie. I have a friend that went to my website and when he viewed this info the clients went across and wrapped thus not looking that good. Any suggestion?? Thanks

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    I have found that often times my pages look different in IE and Netscape. I am a Microsoft person so I always blame Netscape when things look bad there. When I design I try to always test all of my pages in both, and try and change stuff until they look good in both. One thing that I have found is that when my code is not perfect (such as forgetting a closing table tag) IE seems to be able to figure out what to do while Netscape just makes it look weird. This might be whats happening.<BR><BR>I know a lot of people that write two versions of every web page, one for each browser but I have avioded that for now. <BR>Somw programs, such as Drumbeat2000 will generate two versions of your pages.<BR><BR>Good Luck

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