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    Hugo Chavez Guest

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    I am having a problem using the DatePicker control in ASP using the Object tag. The component is registered on the client machine but does not display on the browser if visual studio is not installed on the client machine. Does anyone knows what dependency files are missing? Thanks a lot in advance.

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    jason Guest

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    have you set the pluginspage attribute of the object tag? I&#039m assuming here you&#039re using the object tag client side, as the problem is on the client. it could be you haven&#039t got runat=server set also. maybe you should be server.createobject-ing it??

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    Hugo Chavez Guest

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    Yes, I am using the object tag but that is working fine. The component gets download and register on the client machine but it does not show on the browser. The problem is that there is someother file(s) needed to support this control. How could I find the dependencies for an specific control. Is there a utility for this?

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