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    Jeff Weber Guest

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    On one of the asp sites recently I recall seeing a &#039type-ahead&#039 solution for a user who is filling in a form. Unfortunately, I didn&#039t write down the link. Can anyone refer me in the right direction for such a solution?<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR>Jeff Weber

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    SPG Guest

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    That sounds like it&#039s using a client script -- probably JavaScript, though possibly VBScript -- which gets called when the form text element has an .onChange<BR><BR>If the script recognizes the value fragment of the element, then it fills it (sets the .value) in with its guess; otherwise it lets it go. If it gets a complete match, it also lets it go (otherwise you&#039d have a livelocked loop). The thing I&#039m not sure of is how you would keep it from firing when the user got pissed at your silly script filling in the wrong thing so they press "Backspace" -- which is a change, and will most assuredly activate your script which completes it, just like the user didn&#039t want. Maybe there&#039s a 1/2second timeout in there.<BR><BR>Of course, what would be really eerie is if you saved form information for every user such that the autocomplete would only come up with suggestions from their previous &&/&#124&#124 most common requests....<BR><BR>HiH

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