Users are sending feedback via browser through a textarea form. I copy the feedback data to a text file. Now I want to view the file in my browser, selected by a particular date. <BR>Here is an e.g of my textfile (CSV file):<BR><BR>************************************ **********************<BR>System Name; User Name ;Date & Time ; Error Report<BR>NWWKS3;Rudy Lim;19/8/99 4:11:12PM;the file not found <BR>********************************************** ****************<BR><BR>The script to select by date was:<BR><BR>Do While NOT MyStream.AtEndOfStream<BR><BR><BR> strline = MyStream.ReadLine<BR> splitter = split(strline,";")<BR> <BR> <BR>UserSwInstallDate_time = split(splitter(2),"")<BR>UserSwInstallDate = UserSwInstallDate_time(0)<BR><BR>Here I get the date and compare ot with the date I selected to view....<BR>I get the corect data on my browser but with the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a0009&#039 <BR>Subscript out of range: &#039[number: 2]&#039 <BR><BR>What&#039s wrong here????<BR> But When user send me data from a radio form I get no such error...why do i get it with a textarea form? <BR><BR>can anyone help pls?<BR>Thanks a lot!<BR><BR> <BR><BR>