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    shreya Guest

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    hi,<BR>how do i maintain the uniqueness of a user when he uses the online order system . we do not want to use login usernames yet.<BR><BR>Thanks,

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    John Gully Guest

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    Session.SessionID will give you a unique number for each user

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    Papa Zito Guest

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    You could use cookies that are saved on the user&#039s computer when they enter their information (for billing or whatever).

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    shreya Guest

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    Thanks, <BR>is this the correct way of using it.<BR>&#060;%Session("user")=Session.SessionID%&# 062;<BR><BR>

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    John Gully Guest

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    That will work but it is redundant.<BR>Session.SessionID already has the value. If you need to use it you can just access Session.SessionID<BR><BR>id.<BR>Response.Write Session.SessionID<BR>or <BR>"Insert into myDB(UserID, UserName) values(&#039" & Session.SessionID & "&#039, &#039John Gully&#039)"

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