OK Sparky, here&#039s the deal. I&#039ve got your typical recordset table/loop thing going on. However, I&#039ve also got an inner loop with it&#039s own RS, and a counter. The idea here is to make unique recordset names for each inner loop. For you visual people...<BR>===Outer loop===<BR>&#060;%Set Count=1<BR>Do while not RS.EOF<BR>====blah blah blah====<BR>Count = Count + 1<BR>loop%&#062;<BR>===Rest of Outer Loop===<BR><BR>This looks great on paper. Anyway, what I want to do is add the value of Count to the RS to make a new variable, so that each time it loops, I get RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4, etc. For the life of me, I can&#039t figure out how to do it, and I&#039m sure it&#039s something completely obvious. Help? :)