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    Hi,<BR><BR>Does any one know of a way you could receive an email and then read it in so that you can use some of the text - What I&#039m aiming to do is receive an email about share prices and read it in and then pick out the shares and the corresponding prices.<BR><BR>Is this possibly with ASP? Thanks for any help in advance, Dan.<BR><BR>

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    al dawg Guest

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    with a little scripting you can just get delayed quotes off of yahoo.

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    fl1rt Guest

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    answer to question one: yes, I know of a way.<BR>answer to question two: yes<BR><BR>: )<BR><BR>why bother reading emails at all?<BR>you can take this data automatically and auto-respond to it or post it live on your site whilst you sit back and watch TV, fully automated. just the way I like it, though I&#039ve yet to devise something that can reply to 4Guys postings :(<BR><BR>obviously, this code is quite precious. so I&#039m hanging on to it, unless you&#039ve got some reddies ;)

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    al dawg Guest

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    Have you done the one to get quotes from yahoo yet? That was a fun one that was originally a VB program that i just turned asp so I could get better updates!

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    fl1rt Guest

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    strictly speaking, I can&#039t tell you want I take....<BR>but everything from translators to LIVE currency exchangers! ;)<BR><BR>If it&#039s generated on a web page in a steady page format - it can be taken without question, whatever it is.<BR><BR>Try stipping telephone directories and reformatting their data in your own database - LOVELY! just sit back and watch<BR><BR>Obviously one should be aware of copyright issues for such materials and pay credit for source content and not use for such results for commercial profit unless agreements have been already been arranged.

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    al dawg Guest

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    Actually it&#039s stored in CSV&#039s, so it seems free for the taking for programmers. I use it for our local intranet to get our 401k quotes :)

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